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Community Service

The MCBA provides a number of benefits to the Community. They include the MCBA's Lawyer Referral Service, the the ability to handle attorney-client fee disputes through the MCBA's Fee Dispute Committee, regular charitable contributions to non-profits serving Medina County, and the annual Law Day Scholarship Program.

Law Day Scholarship Program
The MCBA offers an annual $5,000.00 scholarship to one (1) high school senior residing in Medina County, who writes an outstanding essay on the Law Day theme for the year of the application. Applications are due by April 1. The scholarship recipient will be invited to join the MCBA at its annual Law Day Luncheon, typically held the first friday of May.

The American Bar Association Law Day theme for 2019 is “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society”
The 2019 Law Day theme—Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society—focuses on these cornerstones of representative government and calls on us to understand and protect these rights to ensure, as the U.S. Constitution proposes, “the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.” In the United States and around the world, freedom of speech and the press are among the most important foundations for a free society. Free speech and free press are prominent topics in public discourse and litigation. It is impossible to imagine a free society without these individual liberties, yet historical and current debates surrounding them continually challenge us to consider their boundaries and resilience. Changes in technology have reshaped how free speech and free press work in the everyday world.
The essay content should incorporate thoughtful consideration of the following questions:
What was the purpose of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as originally envisioned? How does technology fit into this vision? What role does the changing landscape of technology play in free speech, free press, and free society? Should the scope and limits of these freedoms be altered now that technology has reshaped the everyday world?

The application and rules may be printed here:  2019 Law Day Scholarship Application and Rules